"That's cool" Thought Bubble Stamp
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"That's cool" Thought Bubble Stamp
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A delightful and personalized way to celebrate student success! This unique stamp features your face with a thought bubble, alongside the personalized message such as "That's cool". It's the perfect tool for teachers who want to add a personal touch to their feedback, making each accolade even more special. Whether you're grading papers, rewarding homework, or just offering a bit of motivation, this stamp transforms every commendation into a memorable moment. Easy to use and designed to last, it's not just a stamp; it's a new way to connect and inspire your students with every impression.

Product features

  • Impression Size: approx. 30mm x 50mm
  • Self-inking stamps ensure efficient, high-volume stamping. They automatically re-ink after each impression for consistent quality and rapid performance.
  • Capable of producing thousands of clear, crisp imprints before requiring a refill. Choose from ink colors including Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Purple.
  • The water-based ink is optimized for standard paper use but may not work as effectively on non-porous surfaces such as glossy paper or vinyl.
  • Refilling is straightforward and efficient. Be sure to use refill ink specifically designed for self-inking stamps to ensure optimal performance.
  • We source our high-quality self-inking stamps from trusted brands such as Trodat, COLOP, and Shiny, selecting the appropriate model based on size, submitted design, and availability.


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