Personalized 'Well Done' Speech Bubble Face Stamp
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Personalized 'Well Done' Speech Bubble Face Stamp
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Celebrate your students' achievements with a personalized touch using the Personalized Speech Bubble Face Stamp. This innovative stamp allows you to incorporate your own face into a design that features a speech bubble saying 'Well Done'. It's an engaging way to provide positive feedback and motivate your students, making each commendation feel personal and heartfelt. Ideal for grading assignments or acknowledging classroom participation, this stamp adds a fun and unique twist to your interactions, ensuring your encouragement leaves a lasting impression. Easy to use and durable, it's the perfect tool to enhance your teaching toolkit and bring smiles to your students' faces.

Product features

  • Impression Size: approx. 30mm x 50mm
  • Self-inking stamps ensure efficient, high-volume stamping. They automatically re-ink after each impression for consistent quality and rapid performance.
  • Capable of producing thousands of clear, crisp imprints before requiring a refill. Choose from ink colors including Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Purple.
  • The water-based ink is optimized for standard paper use but may not work as effectively on non-porous surfaces such as glossy paper or vinyl.
  • Refilling is straightforward and efficient. Be sure to use refill ink specifically designed for self-inking stamps to ensure optimal performance.
  • We source our high-quality self-inking stamps from trusted brands such as Trodat, COLOP, and Shiny, selecting the appropriate model based on size, submitted design, and availability.


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