Grading with Grins: Custom Teacher Face Stamp
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Grading with Grins: Custom Teacher Face Stamp
Perfect Teacher Gift: A Stamp with Teacher's Smile Saying 'GREAT JOB!'
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Self-Inking StampWooden Handle Stamp
Celebrate the educators in your life with a gift that leaves a lasting impression. Our custom teacher face stamp can be personalized with the teacher's face and a positive message like 'Mrs. Anderson says GREAT JOB!' It's the perfect way to appreciate their hard work and dedication, making marking a joy with every stamp.

Make a stamp of your face. Simply upload a picture and get an instant preview of your face stamp.

A self-inking stamp re-inks the rubber die onto its inner ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for rapid stamping. It lasts for thousands of impressions before needing to refill.

• Ink colors: black, red, blue, green or purple. 


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